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This is the introspective podcast. Hey, welcome

back to another episode of The introspective podcast and I want you to pull up a chair Listen up closely because if you are an influencer, business coach or just looking to expand online without having to sacrifice your brand due to this increasing censorship of social media, and all those annoying algorithm roadblocks, then you'll certainly want to tune in today's episode with special guests suceed there Shani. saqib is the CEO of club afire calm, which is a company that empowers businesses to get 100% reach to their own community, own their data and get their own app in a day, which just sounds remarkable. And through the club platform. You choose which advertisers are shown in your community and they pay you directly. saqib is well versed in the world of technology and app development has worked on over 500 apps, which account for 65 million downloads. Without further ado, welcome to the show, Saqib so Keith, how is it going today? Brother?

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Oh, man fired up. And we are really excited to be here.

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Awesome. Yeah, I'm too and we were talking before the show about just all the craziness is going on online. And and it's it's pretty wild, you know, to watch and especially when you're in trying to build your business online, it almost seems like it's it's a little bit too risky now to do like go all in on something like a Facebook where you're so restricted. And I know you said something about and I want to actually start with this, because I'm really interested to hear the story. But you said in 2014, you started to kind of see almost a vision of where things were going. So would you mind taking taking us back to like that time? And like what did you see? And like, what created this vision that you have today?

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Yeah, no problem. And yeah, I'll do a big rewind back almost a decade. So computer engineer originally, and actually taught a university course on app development here in lovely Ottawa, Canada. And that was what really well, you know, industry. professionals, were there whatnot, PhD students and actually started getting requests or building them apps and whatnot. Right, and cleaning them and like, you know, some of them were larger organizations, you know, they need to be trained, you know, especially like the Canada Revenue Agency, department, national defense and so forth. Right? They were like, okay, you know, this is brand new stuff. No, you know, you could be our subject matter expert. So, essentially, you know, had an awesome opportunity working with these organizations started my consulting business. So, you know, and, and thanks for the awesome introduction, you know, your recent, like, you know, work with hundreds of apps, you know, that were downloaded millions of times, so really happy to be involved with that sort of stuff. But then in 2014, is really when I started noticing a troubling trend, right? Where I noticed these business coaches, you know, what they, you know, they were going on Facebook and whatnot, creating their accounts, right. And as they're obviously creating their following, and so forth. And I noticed that when they were posting, they were only reaching 5% of their audience. That's it. You know, I was surprised, but why? Why is that happening? You know, like, should they be reaching out? You know, and on top of that, there's followers started getting competitors ads on their newsfeeds. All those? Right? And I assumed because, you know, they liked a page that was about coaching, Facebook's like, oh, okay, these people like, Oh, so let's send them home, these competitors ads to them now. Right. So that's how, you know, for the audience members here. We've seen the social dilemma, you know, our data is getting sold to those unknown third parties. And we don't know which advertisers want to show up. One or two our community, right could be competitors. Could be and also one actually detrimental to community as well. Right. So right then and there decided that, you know, when you build a community, you should truly Own your community, you know, and actually brought the patent in place. 14 about, you know, truly owning your community. Right? And for the advertisers, you know, you shouldn't be able to choose your advertisers, you know, in your community because your communities your asset, right, you're part of the community now, right? You should choose which advertisers will be shown in your community, you know, how, you know, your browsing on YouTube, you know, these ads are so annoying, right? Like, everybody can't wait to click on the skip button. You know, and it's surprising to me, you know, like, you know, a multi billion dollar company like YouTube, that's how they're that's how their strategy is, like, it's appalling, honestly, like, it shouldn't be about the advertisers building a relationship. Yeah. You know, becomes a value add in your community, not shoving ads down people's throats. Right. So, but yeah, man, like, it took all five years, but this patent got approved, right, I'm happy to say, and actually did a soft launch Republic, which is all about building a community that you truly own with your own app. Right? Yeah, so essentially, through this app, you can actually communicate via text message, you get an app number, right, you can send push notifications, and you can also post to all social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, we're working on with one post. That's it, it also your true omni channel approach to communications, right. And then you'd sell your courses, videos, documents, create membership plans, you know, see complete a free community level concrete, like a silver gold level is totally dependent on you know, so let's say, you know, you know, your audio files, or video files, courses, you know, you can do that per content pieces. Or you can say, you know what, this, you know, this video is a certain price. So, you know, super exciting, you know, connect up zoom and whatnot. So happy to say that it's been awesome, right? You know, we're signing up influencers with 40 or 50,000 plus followers each, because they have most to lose, right? from social media. Right. Right. Like I've had some people come to me, actually, guys, really crazy story. So I'm just so excited right now. But this was a crazy story. So in Ottawa, this company, they spent 14 $46 million with an ad spend with Facebook. And they had 27 million followers. Right. But guess what happened?

Jake Anderson  7:40  
Yeah, I hear that all the time.

Saqib Dareshani  7:43  
Yeah, yeah. And I'm chatting with them now. Now. Now we're chatting about going viral? Because they've been they've been on Facebook for like, what, 15 years, 20 years now. So essentially, yeah, we're just starting on people like them. And influencers, you know, even small business owners, we're just starting off, you know, this is a great place to start introducing our platform, so they're using it to engage with their audience, and so forth, and engage their partner network. So we have a quiz game that integrates with their own app, there's a leaderboard, and so forth. But yeah, yeah, that's an awesome, right. So that's, that's really,

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really cool. And one thing that caught my ear, as you were explaining this, that I wasn't aware of, I just want to make sure I'm clear is this also actually serves as a, almost like a social media manager to like, you can push your content to those. So it doesn't complete, it's not completely mutually exclusive. As far as you know, it's, it's your own app, and you control it, and it's yours, you don't have to worry about, you know, 5% of your content being shown you get 100%. And the things that really are irritating in this day and time, but you also through this app can also push content to your social pages, because that was one of the things I wanted to ask you about was it's like, you got this attention gap, right? You know, and people are just, they're so drawn into the Facebook and Instagram, and whatever, you know, these apps that it's almost it's, like you said, the social dilemma, where there a program to just automatically go to those apps. And so that attention, I mean, these apps have such a strong hold on their attention. So like, how do you get, you know, I feel like it's like, one of the challenges might be, you know, with moving people to your, your own platform is how do you break the attention from that platform that's got such a power hold on it to your platform? And like, you know, and I think having that ability to still kind of like get those touch points out there and just slowly like winnaman would be a way to do it, but I didn't know if he had any other thoughts there because I would imagine that would be a big challenge for for you.

Saqib Dareshani  9:54  
Yeah, no, this is a great, great point. Um, you know, like the way we're doing this is We actually say, we follow this analogy, right? Like, think of, you know, your social media, like your Facebook, your Twitter, Instagram, and so forth as colors in the rainbow, which all flow into your pot of gold, which is your own community and public life. Right? So, basically, it's a great, you can actually build your own app, where you own branded app, you know, into this entire, you know, funnel. And the way we're bringing people over, is by incentivizing right, like this whole app, your whole app is gamified. Right? So for example, you can set up, okay, you know, basically is like, hey, for signing up for the first time you earn 5000 points, you know, and now you're getting the basically you're halfway to earning your free t shirt. You know, and then, and then other exclusive content, you know, so it's all about bringing in your most interested supporters, you know, because it's all about quality versus quantity. Right? Yeah. You know, like, if you have a highly functioning group of, let's say, 2500 people, I can tell you, they're gonna be way more effective than a Facebook group of 100,000 people doing nothing. You know, for sure, yeah. You know, even small numbers can count, right? Because for most businesses, their most valuable client is are their existing clients. Yeah. Right. You know, why not build a deeper, deeper relationship with them, you know, bring them into your community, because I just talking to another guy, right before this call. He was like me, I'm trying to communicate with my my clients through social media, but they're not even seeing my posts, you know, that social media is not the way to communicate with your clients, especially your clients, you know, because they're expecting a response. I mean, they're expecting things from you, and you can't depend on some algorithm for them. You're like, your stuff does not, you know, doesn't reach them. Right. So you need a platform where you can actually, you know, what's your message gonna reach them? You know, yeah. But yeah, that's what we're doing. You know, we're incentivizing people to jump on the platform.

Announcer  12:09  
That's, that's a good point. I mean, I've, I've noticed even on my own social media, I don't like my Instagram, I don't have a huge following in mainly because I just started, it started building it, haven't given much attention. And, but I have also realized that there, there are certain people that really follow you, you know, this, like the 1000. true fans by Kevin Kelly, that whole concept. Yeah. And, and when in anything you put out there, there always seem to engage, they're always supporting. And it's like, those are the people who should be in your community. Because I mean, really, it's like it for a community to be a community. It's got to be something. And this is just my hope, my own perspective on it. I feel like it's just got to be something where everybody has shared values and commonality between each other. And there's that energy exchange. And if it's just like, if it's all about like numbers, and my community's got 1000, mom's got 10,000. I mean, I've seen social profiles with 10s of 1000s of people get less engagement than mine with a few 100. You know, so it just goes to show you that numbers as almost like a vanity metric at that point. But have you seen, you know, going into, like, especially, you know, recently I know, like there was a ton of censorship going on, around like, the election time, like, Where did you see any correlation and in your business, and like the increases in censorship online, because I would feel like people are like, Hey, we got to find another place like this. I'm tired of this. We got to go. But I'm just curious if you saw any correlation.

Saqib Dareshani  13:51  
Yeah, no, we definitely got inquiries and whatnot, you 100% you know, people, because this is becoming a huge issue that's coming to the forefront rarely, because we went through this honeymoon phase, right? You know, hey, social media school or whatnot. Right? Yeah. Obviously, you know, even, you know, social platforms since then, you know, all these, obviously, you know, they've been upping the ante. Internally, you know, what data they're selling, and how much of the data, etc. But now, people are realizing, oh, okay, this is what I'm losing, by just being on social media, like, pushing me is going to be on obviously, it's great for discovery, you know, go for it. You know, and like phones on apps like clubhouse and whatnot, you know, I think really, really cool for gathering that initial engagement, right? But you basically give them a teaser there, right? Facebook, Instagram, whatnot, giving them a teaser, or even give them like, obviously valuable content, right? But don't give everything away. Right? Because you worked hard for it, you know, you want to lead them into somewhere, you can actually monetize your, you know, your, like, all the effort you put into, you know, your content, right. So you want to monetize that piece for sure. Oh, That's what it was. So people are realizing that now, especially now with everybody going online, social media in the beginning, was okay. Most people were not doing all your business on social media. Right? Now, everybody's expected to do all the business social media, but that model doesn't really work that way. Right. So that's where you need us a platform that you truly own. And a place where you actually own your data on your community. You know, I've happened to all the advertisers and have controlled the communication to truly flourish, I think,

Announcer  15:30  
yeah, I think that's a goal for a lot of people who have their businesses online is to is to ultimately, you know, people harp on like the whole build your email list, build your email list, because it's now traffic you own. And any time Facebook can shut you down, and it's becoming an increasingly a risk. You have to be on Facebook, because you'll get shut down not even getting given a reason for it. You just wake up one day and your profiles gone. No reason no recourse to fix it. Nothing. And, you know, so I think people are, I think that's definitely the conversation going on. And a lot of people's mind is like, how can I? How can I have this platform that I own that I control? And you know, in that's the solution that you're bringing? And one of the things that I want to ask you about with respect to your platform that seems really interesting is you talk about it being your own app? Can you elaborate on that a little bit? Is that something where through club fi, like, I could have my own, like little app, like people download my little app from the App Store, but it's just powered by clarify? Is that kind of what you're talking about? Is there something different there?

Saqib Dareshani  16:35  
Yeah. Yeah. Like, it's actually your own app, it would actually be your business name, you know, and then use your app logo, you know, and like, yeah, basically, it would, even the power, but otherwise, we don't even put that in there. Right. It's brand basically, it's your right. That's really cool. You know, thanks, man. Like, cuz that's what I noticed. Right? Like, I see a lot of people like, building their, you know, using building communities and whatnot, but then it's branded under somebody else's ad. Yeah, right. Right. Getting over there getting the brand equity. Get all, you know, you shouldn't have a presence in the App Store. Because, you know, the App Store is like a future search engine. Right? It's already turning a search on search engine. Now, there's ads coming up now, like, you know, like, Apple selling ads now and whatnot. It's becoming a full fledged search engine. Right. So, um, yeah. 100%. So having own brand is very important, you know, for visibility for growth, and that we, this is something we totally, you know, support. So,

Announcer  17:40  
yeah, I love that. I mean, to be able to have like, truly have your own app in the App Store. And you've, you've created all the backend technology and support that goes into powering it to become its own app. That's interesting. I don't think I don't think I mean, do you even have competitors? know anybody who's done that? And just, yeah, yeah,

Saqib Dareshani  18:00  
no, they are, we definitely have competitors. They're not exactly doing what we're doing. Yeah, we're, you know, we have our own way of doing things with give the gamification, right. Yep. And we're looking to we own the patent. So eventually, we'll decide what to do with that patent, you know, we can partner up with them and so forth, you know, but, you know, at least what I see is like, this is a good movement in the right way. You know, you know, it's a good thing. We have competitors, because we want this, you know, we want to bring the power back to the business owner. Right, it was only us, we don't have the impact as the have everyone on board, right to see the movie, you know, bring the power back to the business. Right? Yeah. Know that there's a different option, because most people don't even know this is an option.

Announcer  18:48  
Yeah, I had no idea. I had no idea that you could do this. This is my listeners are going to, I'm hoping like I should get some shares out of this episode when it goes live. Because people I don't think a lot of people in my circle know that you can do this. And so Alright, so now I'm like, really like tech geeking out over here over everything you're doing. And I want to I want to ask you a little bit more about just the experience on clarify. So I understand that you can schedule content to go to social media understand that you can host courses, and you can have gamification tied into it where people can earn, which by the way, I was speaking with an expert in elearning on a recent episode, and that was the thing that he harped on the most is like gamification is really starting to become more of a requirement and a must have versus a luxury because of just the attention that people have right now when it comes to these programs. So that's huge. That was going to be one of my questions. I did like, tell me about you know, when it comes to working through like a program like is there a game game and things like that, that can help people, you know, move through it. But like, tell me a little bit more like, is there? Is there something like, tell me about like, if I'm signing up for club fi, and I want to pull my community over here, I want to use this as this, like massive core asset, right for my business. What what are some, like the main benefits of of doing that, aside from kind of what we've already discussed here as far as like, what are some of the features that you know that people would get really, people really excited? I know, we can white label, like, Is there anything that we're missing here? Because I really want to make sure we get all this out on the table?

Saqib Dareshani  20:35  
Yeah, yeah. So basically, if we talked about like, he would let's talk about from the member perspective, right. So we talked about it from the superstar slash club owner. Right? Like, from the floodwaters perspective, the benefits are, you know, I even go through, pull up the app here and actually give you a more exhaustive list here. So let me just pull up, one of the apps we're doing for the moms group, basically have a 450,000 person strong group in Facebook, but they are saying that their engagement is dropping, you know? Yeah. And it's harder and harder to engage with their own audience, which is crazy. Yeah, it's cool. Um, you know, so basically, built on an app. So essentially, what we're doing in there, as an example, is the members. You know, they have access to chat rooms now. Right. So, even so now, obviously, Port 3000 is a huge group. So what they're doing is they're like, okay, we would like to have like, chat groups, right. So there, they have a chapter for expectant moms, for example, or, basically a chat room for, you know, brand new mothers and so forth. Right. Essentially, they can have, from a member perspective, you have a parenting one on one, right, cut out my reference guide, we can go into, you know, and right, so they have all like activities for children, but adoption, you know, birthing, etc, etc. Teams how to do with teams, right? And then from a member perspective, you know, the, the special offers, right? So special offers, again, it's like advertisers, right, but they already have a relationship open and everything. And, you know, Sarah has already talked about, Sarah is the owner of the community. And you know, she's already had a relationship built with them. So she's basically warm, introducing the advertiser to the entire audience, different way of looking at things. And then yet, from the member perspective, they have, you can have a leaderboard, right? And so you can see that, hey, Mary, is that here? And I'm not here. You know, so basically, what is the entire experience, right? He can see how many points people have. And now you can, using those points, members can actually enter to contest and within the app, right. So that's it, there's a giveaway, whatnot, you know, put through the arbitrary they can enter that they can also redeem free prizes, right. But more like a Microsoft philosophy is a given ship, you know, champion client, you know, or community member, right? Who was buying stuff from you inviting people, you know, being active, you know, you want to reward those people? Oh, you know, you know, and then basically, like, one of our influencers, they're giving away like a hoodie for, you know, say, Hey, you know, you earned 45,000 points, now, you can redeem this free hoodie. And now you can go on social media, you know, reading the hoodie, but just do a shout out, you know, and then have a link to the app that links back into the app. So that's where the, one of the viral components comes in. Right? Yeah. wins a contest. You know, it goes, you know, those on social media as well. Right. So basically, the viral effect. So yeah, and from, from the, again, from the member perspective, you know, being able to upgrade their level having, you know, intimate access to your, to your audience, to your older to the superstar, and we call the superstars and club owners, right. So and basically to the app, because now you could actually text messages as well, right? So you can have a very intimate relationship with your, with with the superstar slash club owner. Now, we can actually text message you directly through the app, because every app can support app number. Yeah, right. So with this number, right, people can message directly to the app number and you would get so to speak well managed communications through there so now instead of your personal number, it's going to your app and you can send mass text messages and you know and so forth this next level so basically your members are just getting a more fun more intimate

Announcer  24:44  
experience. That's awesome in the in the also the thing that really was exciting to hear among all of them. It's all crazy amazing, but the segmenting the conversations like I think that's really powerful as it gets so noisy online. And in groups and stuff, and you're like, Where's that, like, I want to talk about something specific and you're not really sure where to go. And, and in, you know, you mentioned clubhouse, you know, a little bit ago. And I know, obviously we all know that apps blowing up but one thing I think that makes clubhouse different and special at least from from my lens is it's it's not, it's not noisy there like it's all you can do is just listen to somebody talk, and it's very focused, and I feel like social media just in general has become such a noisy place. And, yeah, and it just it very distracting. And it seems like like with your app, like you're able to kind of keep focus a little bit more in control, and it's not so just consuming of attention. And exactly, and all these different directions. And when you're trying to, like help somebody through some kind of a transformational process, as a coach, you know, you got a program like focus is critical, you know, that's a critical piece to that is keeping their focus so they can execute and implement the things that you're trying to teach them all the way through that process. And, and several, you know, I guess about a year ago, I was thinking about, you know, doing my doing a program and coaching, I've kind of strayed from that since then. But I remember things like I don't want to do the traditional Facebook group thing where, you know, you bring people in there because it's just too noisy. It's as I was trying to like piecemeal something on it was base camp, I was trying to do something on base camp that make it work. But it didn't, it didn't work out, because there was that it wasn't really set up and designed for that kind of experience. Number one, so we're like trying to force something to work. This is really amazing. And I had no, like I said, I had no idea that something like this even existed, and the fact that you can actually have your your own app, and it's branded for you is a really huge, you know, point of attraction there for a lot of people among everything that happens under the hood, right? all the features and all the ways that you can create that experience. I want to I want to shift just for a little bit here because I want to, I want to ask you, you know, with the podcast being introspective, and knowing like that you've been through some, some very impressive experiences with working on so many apps and, you know, doing what you're doing with club fi and recognizing those patterns and, and whatnot. I always like to ask for somebody who's been through such a journey? Like, what shift in perspective did you make that led to your biggest breakthrough moment in your journey as an entrepreneur? And this is a question I want to start bringing to the show, because, you know, we're very like, as entrepreneurs, you know, we become very introspective about, like, what's going on in our mind, like, being aware and having that self awareness? And like through your journey, like, was there a specific time where you're like, you know, what, when I looked at it like this, and I looked at it a little bit differently, that seemed to have that decision seem to put me on a much stronger path forward. And I seem to have progressed a lot further by just making that one shift. Is there anything that comes to mind

Saqib Dareshani  28:14  
when you hear that? Yeah, um, I would just say, like, I think there have been certain points in my life, I think led me in that direction a little bit. Like, obviously, I guess it helped many good people real way, way back. When I was like, three, my parents bought me like a Lego set, you know, you know, and start, like, obviously, there was like, This passenger plane. So I've made that, but then I'm like, Okay, what if I add more wings to this, you know, or so and so forth? Or make the two slides longer? You know, just experiment with different things. Right. So I think that was really powerful, you know, to open up the mind a little bit like I'm making spent on Lego for kids and whatnot. So, so that and also, even, I was working full time before I actually took the course on app development, working like five years and whatnot in the, for larger corporations. And I actually noticed a worker while I was there, I was a cute, fresh, new grad working, right. And I had this moment where I was in the cafeteria, and I saw this guy, you know, definitely older demographic. He was doing the same job as me as new gravelling, you know, huh? Like, he didn't do anything, even take the next step or didn't step out of his comfort zone. You know, he just agreed what the matter was saying what other people were saying and just stayed steady. But is that how I want to live? Right? You know, I've always been the type of person that I want to challenge the status quo if something's wrong, okay. Let's build a solution for it. And let's try to find something, you know what I mean? So I think that was one of my Wake Up Calls is like, okay, you know, I don't want to be like, I was actually doing really well at that company, you know, and, you know, basically new grad, but then I was going into a more leadership role, and I was phoning the area of expertise, and then, you know, collaborating with other teams and so forth. Yeah. But the same time, we realized that, you know, what, like, there's something that can change, you know, being as part of this large corporation, you know, because I'm still a new grad. Right? So I that's the fundamental shift, right? Because it's, funnily enough, when, you know, again, for people who are from, you know, I'm from South Asia, right, and when people, especially parents, from their area, from there, they're like, paid become a doctor, become an engineer, become a lawyer, you know, yeah, and that's it, right. And you basically, you get a full time job, and that's it, you know, hired. That's what I was taught. And when I actually graduated, graduated University, but that was my mind, I'm like, Okay, I'm at this company now. And I'm gonna work there forever. And that company, by the way, by the way, which actually went above, you know, so. But it just showed me that, hey, you know, nothing is certainly and you know, to truly have control, you should, you know, work for yourself, you know, you should have, you know, you're building up your own community, build up your own brand. And that's where the world's going, right. Everyone's becoming a creator, everyone's creating their own brand, and whatnot. Right. So, so it was the right direction, you know, and then when I saw, you know, started a consulting business, I keep that mindset that, okay, fixing problems finding innovative solutions. So for that, yeah, getting connected, people, you know, these, you know, like, with the, like, DND department, like generals and colonels and whatnot, and, you know, getting that cool experience. You know, basically, it just helped me lead to, you know, be more and more valuable, in my way of thinking, being open to trying new things and becoming more confident, you know, it's like, Hey, you know, now, you know, it's, it needs to be changed, but I need to, you know, actually get out of my comfort zone and try something new when that actually started when I taught that course on app development, you know, that was like, Hey, I'm a new grad, you know, I graduated a few years back, but let me actually teach this course now, because I've been looking into apps for quite some time. And, you know, 2010, still relatively new concept. Let's do it. So just start from there, man, like, I think it's all about taking chances.

Announcer  32:39  
I agree. It's, I was kind of laughing when you're talking about is like, Attorney, doctor and engineer, it's the status quo, three paths to success, it's like, these are only way this only way you can be successful as if you choose one of yours. And anything else is a pipe dream. But it's, it's, it's, it's interesting, like, this day, I mean, there was a certain time, and I think there was a certain time where like, for a lot of people that was seemed to be the only reasonable option, like if you really wanted to, you know, rise above and kind of hit that higher class of, of, you know, success in your career. But now, especially now that we have the internet, and yeah, I mean, it's just like, the opportunities are endless, you know, when it comes to things that you can do with technology, and being able to connect with people all over the globe, you know, within the snap of the fingers, and being able to serve on a global level, you know, right from the comfort of your home, right off your laptop, you can coach people all over the world, or, you know, serve people and sell products and build your own brand. And, and that seems to be where the trend is really going. And, you know, it's kind of interesting to watch, you know, where things are happening in that, you know, in that in that vein, so, thank you for sharing that. And I'm also a Lego guy, too. I, my sons and I, we I've got two little kids, they're four and seven. So we always get LEGO sets and play with Legos and build things and, and, you know, make the wings a little bit probably too big on the airplane. Just to test the boundaries. So yeah, it's, it's, it's definitely cool. And it helps you know, Legos is kind of that I think, if you've got that, almost that engineering mind, you know, and that that mind for it, it's a lot of fun. And I have that too. I've got that kind of technical mind as well. So well, suceed man, listen, it's been great chatting with you. And we're getting near the end here. I just wanted to kind of cap things off with where can people connect with you? And and obviously, we've got club fi comm You know, that's where they can go and find the app. But where can people connect

Saqib Dareshani  34:43  
with you? Yeah, you know, I think the best way is, I'm on LinkedIn as well and I'm sure you'll share the link there. You can see some of the past projects and whatnot I've worked on but maybe the easiest way is that they just go to my website, you know which is CLU Be if wide comm we can actually book a call with me directly or you can send me an email at contact at public If you guys can use the word introspective, that would be perfect. So I know exactly where you guys are coming from. And then you know, you guys are obviously following Jake already and whatnot. But yeah, let's have a conversation.

Announcer  35:21  
Awesome. Yeah, I'll definitely make sure to link that up in the show notes. And please put introspective in the subject line. It's always good to kind of track where you know how people find you. It's it's valuable information. And so any of my my listeners here, just make sure that if you do decide to reach out to Suki to put that in the subject line, and we'll link all that up. And again, like thank you so much. This is really, really enlightening. I, you know, had no idea this even existed to this level, and I've been looking into your software. But now that we've had a conversation, and really diving into it, it's it's really clear, like just the power of the technology that you've created here. So I'm excited to definitely check it out. Especially with my pod commander brand that I am launching next month and building a community for that. So anybody who is you might be finding the PA commander app in the app store here pretty soon powered by club fi, so definitely check that out. Thank you. Thank you for listening for everybody that's listening. suceed Thank you for being here and sharing everything. It's been a real pleasure.

Saqib Dareshani  36:26  
Thank you so much. It's been awesome to be here.

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