The Obesity Revolution, with Sean Mulroney

The Obesity Revolution, with Sean Mulroney

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Introspective, inward looking self examining, characterized by or given to introspection. Welcome to the introspective podcast, your compass for internalizing the path towards optimal lifestyle design, business success and mindful entrepreneurship with your host, Jake Anderson.

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Hey, welcome back everybody to another episode of The introspective podcast. We're back for another daily deep dive. I appreciate each and every one of you for taking another deep dive with me today, as we explore ways to design our life, shift our perspective and get set out on a path to success as mindful entrepreneurs. Now on today's show is someone who is truly inspiring in so many ways. This is a person who believes that you don't have to be perfect to others. He believes that you just have to show others how you deal with your imperfections. This person is Shawn Maroney, and he is the founder of the obesity revolution. Sean has overcome many challenges in this many challenges in his life from substance addiction and sexual abuse to losing 110 pounds and 65 inches in his fight through morbid obesity. Shawn has been featured in publications such as Forbes Fox, and has over four and a half million social media impressions with his content that helps inspire others to fight through obesity, and prove that anyone can face their challenges and live larger than life. Shawn is a true pioneer and someone who I have the honor of speaking with on today's interview. So without further ado, I welcome to the show, Sean Maroney. Sean What's going on? Brothers Good to have you here.

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What's up, Jake, how you doing? Thanks for having me. I'm ready to rip and grip man within in take that deep dive. So I got my scuba gear. Let's go Nice. Nice.

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We're going down to the coral reef, and we're gonna explore all kinds of things. I'm excited, right? Yes, sir. It's uh, you know, I tell you, we've we've known it's, it's funny. I think the last actually review I did was also another clubhouse connection. That's, that's where we met. I remember when I first heard your message and what you're doing. I was just immediately drawn to it. And we ended up connecting with you on Instagram. And then you had me on your podcast, and we had an interview on on your obesity revolution podcast. Yes. Now here are mine. And now I've got some questions for you and things that I want to explore with, with your one thing I want to start with is just your movement that you created, which I find to be absolutely fascinating, and how you you've really taken different things to kind of pull together with your mission and fighting morbid obesity, and how you've been able to go online to reach others all over the globe, and create this movement. So tell me about like, how you got started in that? And what were some of the, I guess, the navigational points that you went through to get to where you're at today?

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Sure. Well, great question. You know, it started I mean, I didn't seek for it. I had this pain, which I think the greatest thing people need to find anything is, you know, you find you have a pain, everybody has a pain. So, you know, you turn your pain into a purpose, rather than let it drag you down. You know, if you can take that and use your pain and even turn it into a platform. What you don't look at that you like, man, everybody wants to hide your weaknesses. I mean, let's be honest, you know, we want to, you know, everybody know their flaws. You know, I'm perfectly in perfect, you know, I am more than enough, Jake, you know, that. I mean, people think, okay, their value is in something or they identify right with something that we're not, if you will, so what happened was, of course, my, you know, childhood was was crazy. You know, I suffered, you know, abuse in many ways sexual, you know, verbal, you know, mentally, you know, my stepdad grew drug drug culture. By 13. I was I was addicted to drugs, went through school, teen years, man, I was I was living terrible. I mean, I did all my my share of, you know, bad choices before I was 21. And then 21 did an about face. My dad died when I was six. So all these things were a combination of everything. And that's what I say is that, you know, my fat has a story. You know, it's like, how did you people say, how did you get there? Well, why don't you come through the journey of life, I didn't just get here and it didn't happen overnight. And it's all that stuff that I you know, did that and didn't know how to deal with and you go there, you're addicted to this and then you change but many ways, all that fast forward. You know, I was I was athletic in high school, I played sports, football and baseball I did really well. Baseball was my passion. No. And then I was also a drummer. I was in a, you know, bands, we played out and did all kinds of, you know, music from, you know, 80s rock to, you know, to grunge in the day. And so we did all that did pretty well that I actually was on the same tour bus with with Soundgarden back in 1990, and got to meet them. You know, Danzig was that when Chris Cornell was with him, oh, yeah. Chris Cornell was started it. Yeah. So it was it was Chris Cornell Kim fail Matt Cameron, and Ben shepherd who took over for Jason everman. And so he Ben shepherd. That was his first his second concert with them whenever I got to meet them. And so we were getting ready to go on, you know, open up for some pretty big bands. I even I even met Nirvana in 89 I met you know, Dave Grohl. Here's the thing there was, Dave Grohl wasn't in Nirvana when I met them. Yeah, Chad Channing was in in in Nirvana. And it was Chris Novoselic, you know, and get Mack

which we'll call it, Chad Channing. And of course, Kurt Cobain. And then Jason everman was also playing with them too, as well. And then he, so he went from Soundgarden. And anyways, so that was like my thing. I went there and I got to meet Jane's Addiction. Matter of fact, we were in the Lollapalooza in Pittsburgh, where I grew up at. And so that was my that was my, my life. Music was my passion. I mean, you you name a song, you know, I'll do it, you know what I mean? Especially that genre, you know, I was just so impassioned about you know, of course my bangs came all the way down to my waist you know, and you know, I did that you know, my house I have them here came down to here but my bangs You know, it may they were so I was pretty deep into you know, that stuff and got to meet pepper from corrosion of conformity. And that was a an I I spent six hours with Kim faille who's the lead guitarist of Soundgarden on your tour bus played on Nintendo with with him and we played excite bike and stuff like that, but you know that that's what we were doing. And so I was there Matt Cameron gave me his drumstick and so that you know, all that was my my thing I would get involved in these people and which is coming out in my book my books getting ready to come out called becoming larger than life embracing the elephant in the room. And so with that being said, Jake, I went through all this stuff to get to where I'm at, you know, you I didn't set out to be morbidly obese. It wasn't my ambition, man, I can't wait to be you know, you know, 687 pounds and I got here and then had infections. After infection, I got cellulitis and then it gave me lymphedema. You know, since 2000, when I got my first infection, I you know, it took over I started getting this lobue on my leg and then gaining weight so within four years, I went from like the three hundreds up to 567 because all that weight in the fluid because my lymphatic system was compromised. I was going into that so the combination of poor lifestyle you know, I was traveling a lot and so whenever I was traveling, you eat bad, you know, I'm eating on the road, you're eating fast food, you're eating late at night, you know, you're sitting with people, they're taking away my host whenever I was speaking in places, they take me out we eat after I spoke and you know, 910 11 o'clock at night. And so it was my It was me as all these things and so, all that to where I got, you know, to where I wanted it you know, an obese person wants to lose weight worse than anybody else wants them to. It just gets overwhelming you know, whenever you want to lose 50 pounds or 100 pounds, you know, that's not overwhelming, but then how about three 400 pounds? You know, it just like gets Okay, I'm, I'm too far gone. You think? Excuse me. So what had happened is through that. I might the birth of my daughter has changed my life Jake. It took my wife and I 12 years to have our first daughter and Maddie when she was born in 2010. Man, cut that umbilical cord. And she she didn't mean she's my girl. I mean she everybody Her name is Madison but everybody calls her Matta Shawn because she's her father's child. That's what she's just like me. Yeah, and then Libby was born. And then Kenzie was born, or the day that Kenzie was born to December 26 2016. I remember cutting the umbilical cord. But it was something real different than now I don't have one or two, I have now three daughters. And I was thinking that as I was holding kenzi, I was like, if I die right now, she is not going to remember me, but a picture of me. And it was very sobering. And all of a sudden, I'm there.

So my mother in law, took my two older daughters and I came home. And I was tired, because we had to get up really early in the morning, dark 30. And so anyways, I'm sitting there. And you know, there was a gym, I was turned away by trainers, I would reach out to people for help. But they would turn me away, only to find out that the health and fitness industry doesn't know how to work with people that are, you know, morbidly obese or extreme obese, and they're not taught on that. So anyways, and I tell everybody, hey, you want to challenge? gain 100 200 pounds and then try to lose weight? See how how easy it really is? Because it's not it's not an easy task. I mean, you know, we'll do this. Well, if you do everybody's an armchair quarterback, you know, it's like, Hey, you know, you you really, you know, should do that. Okay, all right. Have you ever been where I'm at? Then you come talk to me, you know, but someone's gonna be empathetic towards me that never been there like Brandon, who I'll tell you about. I went and I reached out to a gym that day, the 2016 you know, the same day My daughter is born. And I reached out and called that gym because accessibility three miles away, I could do it, you know what I'm saying? And I called and the receptionist answered and said, well, there's no trainers here. And I poured my, I poured my heart out to her. I'm like, she's either gonna, you know, get, you know, well, okay, okay. You'll be so you're or she was going to be, you know, um, so? Well, she was she was like, Shawn, I'm sorry. And she says, I got a trainer free. I'm gonna leave this note. I took some notes down. I'm gonna leave us on a trainers desk. Well, you know, you know, what, how do you what do you think? You know, you think I'm thinking okay, great. But at the same time, I get a call an hour later. And that's from Brandon Gore. Who He came, we talked, he wanted to come meet me came to my house the next day, Jake. And who does that? I mean, I'm like, he came and sat down with me. And I just tell everybody all the time, I said, you know, Brandon wanted to come to my house, just to see how overweight I was. Just as a joke and stuff like that, as I tell him, he just like he looks and and it just it just, you know, funny way to deal with it. And so he came and he to two hours, we sat there and talk. And he looked at me, he says, well, you're ready for this. I said I am. He says, Well, I'm gonna take you on. And I'm like, really? And I said, Well, how much is this going to cost bread? And I said to him, you know, he said, I'm not gonna charge you. Anything. I'm going to take you on for nothing. And I'm like, it's like, brand. Are you serious? I said, he said, yeah. And I said to him, Jake, I was like, I was, you know, over the moon, man. I was like, this is this is just awesome. And he said, um, I said, well, Brandon, I said, Have you ever been overweight? So I just want to ask you, he says, No, not a day in my life. And I said, Have you worked with anybody like me? Nope. He says he, you know, he went to four years of college. No, he wasn't taking any call, you know, clients at that time he was booked. And anyways, he said, he says, He says, In college, my four years of college study, and you know, for what he does to train high performance athletes, they'd say that if somebody obese comes to you tell them to go see the doctor. And that's what you're taught. And he said nothing about obesity says it just was like, okay, because he had his assumptions in, believe some of the stigmas you know, about obese people. And so I said, Well, I said, Have you ever worked with somebody my size? He said, No. I said, I said, So how's this gonna work? And here's what he said to me, Jake. Take us to anybody. You know, we're always learners. I mean, if we can learn from people, you know, look, listen and learn. You need to look at the problem, listen to the person and learn about the patterns. And so what happened was, he said, you want to learn from me, don't you? I said, I sure do. And here's what he said to me. He says, Well, I want to learn from you.

He says, Let's learn together. And I didn't know that after he took me on. He says, Well, you get some rest because I know you had your third child. He said, let's start January 10. He said, I want you to come to the gym that day. And I said, I'm going to do an assessment. And sure enough that day, I mean, it was so much anxiety jayegi couldn't take I mean, I was fighting white knuckle on my way all the way to the gym because just anxious you know, you don't go who's gonna do this? You know, the gyms don't fit people like me. You know, I couldn't go to just a stereotypical, you know gym like Planet Fitness or you know 24 Hour Fitness and, and anyways I go I got there my wife, you know went with me and I got there got through the door and lo and behold it was just him and I the gym that he It was like incredible. So the gym owner made that possible. She knew she's the cause incredible too. And so I started to head that workout that day. And all of a sudden I worked out and I heard man, I mean, assessment my foot he put me through a royal workout. And my hair was hurting. You know, my fingernails were hurting Jake. I mean, it was like that. So in the battle ropes I mean, if you ever do the battle ropes, man, you're like going, it gets you a full body workout. Yeah. And and so here's what I did to him. I said, Hey, I said I want you to video me goes Why? I said, I want you to video me do in this battle rope. So he took a video walked around, you know, boom, you know this. I said, I said because I want to put my rear end so far out there, that I can't go back because I'm going to put this video out and Facebook for my friends and family. So when they say hey, what would you do? And why? Why don't you do and it's just a checkup loaded? I know, I posted that video, it got 1.3 million views in less than 24 hours. It went viral in Mali. And I'm getting I'm getting hits. I mean people you know, all over the world say go, you know, go you know, dude, man, this is this is awesome. And anyways, we didn't know. And then all of a sudden, it started going I started posting, you know, other videos to document the show. The ups and the downs, the good, the bad, the ugly, you know, because there is great strength and vulnerability. You Yeah. And I found out that when putting myself after I wasn't going to be a stereotypical person to put videos out and make everything look good. Yeah, I didn't want to do that. Because you know, hey, and by the way, what I found out, you know, being featured on Forbes, you know, Fox, NBC, this morning UK, which is like the equivalent of today's show. I've been on all these these places. And now 60 million views later, Jake. It's like people started getting you know, coming in, you know, people just started, you know, finding out that my mission was to be the person that I want that I needed. Mm hmm. And the obesity revolution is the program that I wish I would have had. And so we have that program to where we have meal plans workouts for people that are interested because there are 30 million people in America right now, that do not come out of their home because of in mobility. And because they're agoraphobic. And nobody knows that that's that bad because they're hidden. And what my thing is, is I came out of the shadows of obesity. And what had happened, how the name came about was, somebody wrote in one of my posts, one of my videos that I shared, I forget which one it was, I think the Goliath of obesity. And somebody said, Shawn Maroney, the leader of the obesity revolution.

And boom, it all happened organic. And by me putting myself out there, Jake. It created went from my story, to a movement to a full blown revolution. And that's how it started. And now we are helping, you know, 1000s of people, you know, everywhere people that reached out to me, I started my weight loss journey. I didn't think I could do it. I have people send me videos taking their first steps. They've been bed bound for 510 15 years and are up under a walker walking from their bed to a chair for the first time in their life. Because they said if you can do it, I can do it. Because I'm a dog in the fight. I I haven't arrived yet. Jake I have a long way to go but I am fighting this. And it's happened organically it just you know people want to start a movement. Yeah, I'm gonna you know, start it. I don't think any movement or anything if you show yourself truly who you are, and quit the BS quit. You know, because Listen, man, people have built in lie detectors, you know, it just they do. And here's the thing that you think about this. You know, you, you know, be in social media famous. It's like being rich in monopoly. I don't care about the million I care about, give me 60 million people that are better that are down and out, that don't know where to go. And you know what it's not about the product that I sell, it's about the problem that I solve. And that's any business, you know, you want to sell your product, and it's about that, get find something and solve a problem, and then be vulnerable. And you know, the other thing I say to Jake, is that everybody my highest weight was 687. And everybody has a 687 pound problem, whether it be life, business, financial relationship, whatever the case may be. But you know, everyone has a 687 pound problem, the difference between mine, and yours and everybody else's, is that you can see mine, mine is pronounced, but we can't see yours.

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Yeah, the, that's, that's so true. I mean, when it comes to the thing, this is the thing. And there's, there's so much to unpack here with what you just said that story. And I appreciate you being so candid with with your with just all the details that went into kind of leading you up to this moment to where you're at today. And I was taking a couple notes as you're writing, but there was one thing that I found to be, I think almost a framework when it comes to, to moving yourself to a place where you can actually impact other's lives based on you know, some of your own weaknesses. And it was paying the purpose, the platform, right, paying the platform. So when, whenever it also now kind of circle this into this as well, it's like you find the problem that you solve, and you build your business and your movement around that problem that you solve. Because the product or the product is just a vehicle is just a vehicle. It's just a vehicle to get people to the solution. But really, it's that problem that people have, that you're solving. That is what's because that's what people were thinking about, you know, that's what they get a bed with at night. Yes, thinking about a problem. And how do I get this out of my life? And depending on the significance of that problem, too. I was, you know, working on kind of some frameworks around messaging and thinking about like, what do we need to think about when it comes to our messaging because the message is also a critical component to that movement that you build. So so one of the things I like the four S's is Why call In fact, I actually did a podcast episode, I think it's, it's been released, it was a quick win Wednesday, like on how to build your messages, and one of them was significance. So the significance of the problem that you solve is important when it comes to your messaging, because, you know, you could be solving like morbid obesity is a pretty significant problem, right?

Sean Mulroney  22:49  
It's a pandemic. I mean, it's right, a billion people worldwide will be obese at 650 million right now. But I, in the next three years, it will be 1 billion people.

Jake Anderson  23:03  
So it's a significant problem that's now growing. So that even adds a whole nother dimension to it. Because it's not like it's being solved, you know, to the point where we're, we need to get that problem on that downward trend. We have move it to the downward trend here. Yes. So so as you know, as somebody who is thinking about starting a movement, like I think these are really important things to note here. Because when it comes to building this platform, like you call it like this platform of revolutionising this fight against morbid obesity, you understand exactly the significance of that problem. You call it the big elephant in the room? Yes. And it's something that we just need to address. But the other thing I want to highlight too, is that your, your approach to showing the weakness showing the vulnerability, and showing that in your messaging is also equally important in helping people get to the solution of the problem. Because if they're not if it's not approachable to them, there Yes, sir. He, right.

So that's good.

So tell me about that. Like, like when it comes when it came to, like, did you notice that people who started following your movement, did you? Did you notice any kind of behavioral shifts like as far as them becoming more open to the the big elephant in the room, right? Yes, I have a morbid obesity problem. And I'm here to address it. I'm not here to hide anymore. I'm here to actually step up and take action and address this. And because Shawn has created this movement, and has created this platform that makes me feel empowered, to break through that thing that's keeping me suppressed and I can step up, and I can actually take care of this and I don't have to be afraid Eat anymore. That's the behavioral shift. Like, tell me about that?

Sean Mulroney  25:05  
Is that your boy? If I, if I had a penny for every time that happened, but let me let me share a couple with you.

We did a giveaway. Brandon wanted to he wanted to take four new people on at no cost for six months. Okay. They were reaching out to me and especially for my Fox interview, which my Fox interview has over 7 million views by itself. Wow. And it just was crazy just was going all over the place. Every Fox station in America showed my story. That's how that's how it went. And so what happened was that when when that had happened, randon asked Mandy Murphy, who was my interviewer who's amazing, she, she has covered my story five different times on five different topics with what I'm, you know, going through. And so anyway, she Brandon said, Can we do I want to do a contest? I go, wow. And we asked Mandy if she would share that contest at the end of the interview. And sure enough, she did. We had over 500 people come in and want to write the essay. That's what the requirements were, they had to do that within 10 minutes of the interview. Mm hmm. And so we were just going off the, you know, everything. And so we were going to get down to the final 10. While I read them all I wanted to take them on because it was so close to home. And so we have to, you know, separate them all up. And we pick 10 people, a team of 10 people, and gave them a stack of names every one so that they would pick the one that stood out to them. So we'd come up with the 10. Then next step was Brandon's gonna call them and tell them that they're a finalist, and he'll make his final decision. And then he came back and told me after he did that, he said, he said, john, I can't take on for us. And what do you mean, Brandon, is I'm going to take on all 10. Like, okay, and anyways, they came, we had a meet and greet almost a year to the day that I started. I started in January 2017, January 2018, is when we had the meet and greet, the ones that one locally, needed to come to the gym. And so, one Stella in particular, Steve, another one, Steve, we call them Pappy. Stella was she didn't share her weight at the time at all. She was very, it, what you would call it, she was so she had so much anxiety coming to the gym, you know, her husband brought her and she almost fell coming into the gym. Matter of fact, that's how, you know, her walking and stuff was. And so she sat there and we had this meeting. And we had, you know, just a roundtable discussion right there in the gym. And Brandon wanted to get a weight on everybody, you know, we you know, he did that. And just wanted to you know, calm you know, everybody down and say, Hey, here it is. I'm with them. And that was the fact that got them to the gym is like, hey, Sean's doing this. So let me do this. And so anyways, standard what even share away but she was 567 560 something at the time. Okay. And, you know, then she finally did that. So what she did was she came and she started sharing her story, getting the courage as she was coming, you know, and doing what I did, to where, you know, she had like, maybe three or four, you know, I don't know how, you know, maybe, you know, 5060 followers on Instagram. Yeah. Well, then all of a sudden, she started getting the courage and her voice she she found validation. And listen to me. So show acceptance validates everyone. Whenever you get validation, you find your voice. And when you get your voice, you can shout it from the rooftops. And that's what I've instilled. That's what I did. That's what I showed. And other people did that, that, you know, I helped them to emulate that in a way to be, hey, this is your embrace, embrace the suck, if you will, you know what I'm saying? And we don't want to do that. We want everything nice and pretty. And you know, and so anyways, she started sharing her story getting more vulnerable, you know, both vulnerable, and and in learning that, and like I said, she went through and now you know, she has over 40,000 followers on Instagram. And just sharing her weight. Now she's down 250 pounds. Wow. And same thing with Pappy. Steve couldn't get you know, to the gym that day. He was one of the finalists couldn't get to the gym that day, because he was he was homebound. And Brandon had to go to his house. 45 minutes away, to work out with them just to get him to stand for a minute. He couldn't even barely do that. He came to the gym about three months, four months later for the first time and I'm gonna tell you what, it was amazing. We were all cheering you on. I'm saying because he gave him the courage to do that. Oh, he shared it now. He's He's close to I think six 7000 followers on Instagram. It was Facebook has you know two 3000 you know, followers and he started sharing his story, his lymphedema in both legs, and he's down 150 pounds. And so what happened is other people are doing that. And I've talked people through, you know, hey, how do you do, I said, See you quit trying to make things perfect and trying to, you know, make it to where you got to be something don't just don't show your highlight reels, you know, show the, you know, it's easy, you know, think about this, you have a movie clip, they're gonna they're gonna show the best, you know, action, you know, clips that they can do whenever they're doing a trailer. Right, right. They don't show the uncut, you know, reels on the floor that didn't make it onto there because of the edits. And you know, the gruesome stuff about and that's why I say, quit showing that, you know, trailer and show your behind the scenes, you know, minutia and crap and garbage that you have to go through, because then you're going to relate to other people that are in the same situation, because when you when you show yourself that you're unattainable, just like these influencers do, and they get on my nerves, because they just show, you know, the perfect, you know, filter, you know, and all this stuff, and they can get mad glad, whatever, you know, get mad, and the same pants, you got mad and but, you know, I can't you know, people that are fake. I mean, I can't do it, Jake, I, you know, if I can't be real, and that's where I show everybody else be you show the struggle, you know, share the stock, share the things, and that's what has happened. And that's just, you know, Pat, Steve, and he's doing it he's gets messages all the time, people inspiration showing everything him walking for the first time, him come into the gym, Stella, you know, doing that has over 40,000 Instagram, you know, followers and other people have done the same thing. But it's, it's all about that it's that's what the movement is, you know, people show in their first steps. And one person had that she did that inner inner, inner inner video went viral. And you know, because she's like, I'm doing this, and I want to let you know, Sean, that you inspired me to take my first steps. I've been in my bed. And now I'm going from my bed to the chair and she went from the chair back to her bed. And then when she sat down, you could see her face. And it was just amazing. Because it's like the light comes on. And they get their life back. Because Listen, it's about getting this mind in shape. Right? You can't get the body in shape until your minds in shape. And if you don't overcome the mind, about anything, you're not going to did it because what the mind believes the body achieves. And that's the same thing in business, Jake, you can't do something if you have a mindset because I'm going to tell you what, there's negativity, there's troubles, there's adversity, and you know, adversity, either makes you or breaks you and makes you break breaks you or makes you break records. Well, I choose to let me let us break records because adversity is good. And pressure is good. Because if we didn't have pressure, we if we didn't have blood pressure, we die.

Jake Anderson  33:09  
I always say like when it comes to when people would ask me this question. It's like, what is the what do you believe is is the secret to success in business? But I think the same, I think there's a lot of cross reference between the business and also in life too. And in my answer is always the same. It's, it's the way you deal with failure, it's the way you deal with the negative right on, because you have to be resilient. You know, there's that and there's also all the words right resiliency and be perseverance and in driving through it. But at the foundation of it all, you know, it's in that the inevitable is going to happen, right? You're going to have adversity, you're going to have things not go as planned, there's going to be failure, and how you handle that determines if you take any step further, because the inevitable is going to happen, right? We're gonna have, you know, whatever, whatever the thing is that you're trying to if you're trying to start a business, if you're trying to lose weight, you know, what if you're trying to, you know, improve your marriage, like, whatever that thing is in life, you're going to hit upon a roadblock somewhere, that's going to cause you to stop and say, I've got a couple choices here. I can either, you know, clearly this is like a roadblock and it's keeping me from moving forward. And I can either just not move forward and just stay where I'm at or just go back the other way, which is the force. That's that's the

exam. Thank you. I

don't think you stop at the roadblock. I think you actually turn around and just go back the other way.

Sean Mulroney  34:44  
Yeah, that's exactly right, Jake. Right.

Jake Anderson  34:48  
So you can sometimes in the thing about is Shawn I think that's really incredible to like, think about like, if you ever just like approached a roadblock sucks. And then after you get through it, you realize that it was actually it was actually what was a good thing, but it was just a speed bump. But like it wasn't actually as bad as you thought it was.

Sean Mulroney  35:09  
Right? Right. Right. It passes

Jake Anderson  35:12  
like, Oh, I was just, I just had to step over a speed bump. It wasn't like I was doing some, you know, six foot hurdle here. I just had just had to step over it. But for some reason that speed bump felt like it was a six foot hurdle. And once I actually just took the took the, you know, took the mindset and shifted it and shifted the perspective to just go from a bot perspective, Jake. Yes, yeah, you can either see it as a speed bump, or you can see it as a six foot hurdle.

Sean Mulroney  35:39  
Well, how about this? I don't I don't ever tell people I'm going through the valley ever. I tell people, I'm switching mountains.

Jake Anderson  35:48  
Yeah, I love that.

Sean Mulroney  35:50  
You know, I'm just switching mountains, I you know, you know, valleys are good. You know, in you know, failure, you know, what success is? Success is failure turned inside out.

Jake Anderson  36:01  

that's a good one.

Sean Mulroney  36:03  
fail your way to success. You know, how you do that? I don't know, if you remember, you know, I used to love throwing the ball up and you know, hitting it, you know, the baseball bat by yourself. And, you know, whenever you're four or five or six years old, you're you're a big league star,

you know that?

Yeah. Hey, you know, you're telling, but you know, there was there was a story about a kid, and he was throwing the ball up, and he was hitting it, you know what I'm saying? And he was in the World Series game, you know, the seventh, you know, game, you know, bottom of the ninth you know what I'm saying, you know, bases were loaded. And he was the star gonna hit a home run the Grand Slam. And so what he did is he threw the ball up, right? And he swung and he missed it. And anyways, he's got it. He's like, oh, man, his knees. He's doing the, you know, the commentator and all that stuff. And he hits the ball again, he throws it up and swings on and strike to. He's like, I can't believe I'm missing this ball. And he throws that ball up and he takes that thing. He picks it up and throws it up and swings on here it is there it goes. He goes. It's gonna go on strike three. And never the crowd goes off. You know what I mean? And you know what he did? He put the bat down. He threw the bat down, stood around, turned around said, Man, what a pitcher. He didn't want to fail. You know, he's the one. He can either hit a home run. Or he said, Wait a minute, I'm going to change my perspective. Yeah. And say, Man, what a pitcher. I struck him out.

Jake Anderson  37:36  

Yeah, it's it's all about perspective. And that's why I mean, this podcast, calling it introspective. Like that's the purpose of it is to try to get you to shift. Because taking

Sean Mulroney  37:49  
these have to,

Jake Anderson  37:50  
you got to take these stories and we got to shift and and get to get to a path where we can start moving in a direction where we're going to assess because again, we're going to hit those roadblocks and change them as we said, changing the mountains right? Changing the roadblocks. Whatever, whatever the

Sean Mulroney  38:10  
valley. I'm just going I'm changing mountains. I'm Yeah. You know, and but you need valleys. You you if you if the valleys the only place things grow, things don't grow on the mountaintops?

Jake Anderson  38:21  
Mm hmm.

Sean Mulroney  38:21  
You know, if I didn't have them, if you know, darkness, you can't have light without darkness.

Jake Anderson  38:25  
Mm hmm.

Sean Mulroney  38:26  
You know what I'm saying? And you think about that. It's, you know, people in Alaska whenever it's taught, you know, light 24 hours a day. Yeah, you know, how people get depressed whenever it's dark, 24 hours? Because there's no light and then variables. Think about it. Yeah, is that whenever you don't have a shift, like you said, which is very brilliant. We have to have problems, because it makes us who we are. And that's if somebody asked me all the time, Jake, would I ever change anything about my life? In my past, nope. I wouldn't change one thing, because if one thing would have changed, it wouldn't have made me the person and the man who I am today, with all my idiosyncrasies and quirks and you know, all these things. I am what I am. And guess what, everything I went through, it made me it didn't break me. It was all for good because you think holding patterns. You know, I don't like being I don't I'm not patient. I hate holding patterns. I don't know about you. And we go through holding patterns and things aren't going the way we want to or not quite as fast as we want them to. Well think about airports. If airports didn't have holding patterns for their for their planes. There'll be a lot of air traffic accidents. And we need them holding patterns that hold us back to make sure that I'm making the right decision. And then I learned to trust the process. And I learned to slow the heck down and get out of my own way

Jake Anderson  40:01  
that's what I've had to do. And remember the good judgment comes from experience experience comes from bad judgment

Sean Mulroney  40:08  
That's good. That's That's right on that that hit the nail on the head right there Jake that was not my

Jake Anderson  40:15  
that's not my quote for the record as

Sean Mulroney  40:17  
a matter who cares nothing nobodies, there's nothing new under the sun, so who cares? So, don't don't steal shamelessly. So that no that's Yeah,

Jake Anderson  40:25  
it's a it's it's it was actually something said to me many years ago by it was a bank CEO actually. And when I was doing bank regulation, and we were talking about alone and he was like, Well, you know, sometimes sometimes good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment I've

learned my lesson.

Sean Mulroney  40:45  
Amen that is that that well that's good stuff

Jake Anderson  40:48  
john man it's it's been great you know having you on here I love your story and energy and just your outlook on on life and your worldly views and in everything you're doing so it's it's really been a pleasure, but I want to make sure that people know how they can connect with you and reach out and get connected with you. So how can people find you

Sean Mulroney  41:09  
just all my anything on social media is at I am Shawn Maroney. You know, Facebook, Instagram, tik tok, you know, LinkedIn, everything. I am Sean Maroney. And then the obesity everything with you know, my bio, everything about me is all there what we do, how we do that, you know, our OBC revolution manifesto is on or what it's doing. And of course, my book is getting ready to come out in the next few weeks. And so it's, it's, we're getting ready to launch that. And then also, I have a TV show in the works. Wow. So it's all Everything is there. People can connect with me and I'll, you know, people reach I can't get to all the messages but I, I will do whatever I can to help anybody that needs help in any aspect, not in life. You know, let's just do life together. So that's how you get a hold of me.

Jake Anderson  42:07  
Absolutely. And that's just for anybody who is listening right now. That is Sean s. EA and Moroni m l MUMULRONEY. I know there's a couple ways of spelling Sean's I just want to make sure that you did

Sean Mulroney  42:24  

Jake Anderson  42:25  
Make sure everybody knows.

Sean Mulroney  42:28  
Yes. Seeing Moroni

Jake Anderson  42:30  
seen Romo. Roni. Roni. That's

Sean Mulroney  42:33  
right. That's right.

Jake Anderson  42:34  
You get to the fanatical spelling here. So brother, man, appreciate it.

Sean Mulroney  42:38  
Good. Well,

Jake Anderson  42:39  
great to have you here.

Sean Mulroney  42:41  
And great to be here. Thanks, Jake.

Jake Anderson  42:43  
All right, man. That was awesome. Right on time to Yes. And let me hit the app.

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Sean has overcome many challenges in his life including substance addiction and sexual abuse, which was soon followed by an obesity problem. After being motivated to get healthy as a result of the birth of his daughters, Sean has already lost 110 pounds and 65 inches in his fight through morbid obesity. Sean has been featured in media outlets such as Forbes, Fox, ITV, and has over four and a half million social media impressions with his content that helps inspire others to fight through obesity. Sean is a true pioneer and a living testament proving that anyone can face their challenges and live larger than life. Without further ado, let’s start our deep dive for today with Sean Mulroney!

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“Listen, it's about getting this mind in shape. You can't get the body in shape until your mind is in shape.” 

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Sean shares the behavioral shifts that he has observed with the people who followed his movement about addressing their obesity problem.

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